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Antonio Bellucci, Detail of St. Sebastian, ca. 1716-18


Antonio Bellucci, Detail of St. Sebastian, ca. 1716-18

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Years and years ago, there was a production of The Tempest, out of doors, at an Oxford college on a lawn, which was the stage, and the lawn went back towards the lake in the grounds of the college, and the play began in natural light. But as it developed, and as it became time for Ariel to say his farewell to the world of The Tempest, the evening had started to close in and there was some artificial lighting coming on. And as Ariel uttered his last speech, he turned and he ran across the grass, and he got to the edge of the lake and he just kept running across the top of the water — the producer having thoughtfully provided a kind of walkway an inch beneath the water. And you could see and you could hear the plish, plash as he ran away from you across the top of the lake, until the gloom enveloped him and he disappeared from your view.

And as he did so, from the further shore, a firework rocket was ignited, and it went whoosh into the air, and high up there it burst into lots of sparks, and all the sparks went out, and he had gone.

When you look up the stage directions, it says, ‘Exit Ariel.’


Tom Stoppard, University of Pennsylvania, 1996 (via flameintobeing)

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It’s no secret that I like Lady Knights like, a lot. I put together a little randomizer as a sort of exercise. Then I thought, why not share it?

So here’s the thing. Five categories of traits. Pick three and run with it! Bonus challenge: do all five categories. And of course you’re free to add to the categories if what you want isn’t in there. Have fun with it! Don’t forget to tag #Lady Knights so I can see the cool stuff you come up with!

Here’s my starter to kick things off: Fists, Top Heavy, Nervous, Indian, Shark/Piscine.

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Katie Dunham

edmourabarbosa asked: Hey Brian! Love your work! One question: I'm working on my portifolio, but I'm confused on what to draw. Should I draw marvel characters? Or is it enough to show my art skills with unknown characters (my creations)?


You should draw 5 pages of immaculate storytelling. it should be very clear what is going on without word balloons. you should also use those storytelling pages to illustrate to anyone who sees them as you can draw anything.

 people, cars, buildings, feet, hands, men and women and animals

 with style.

 that is what any editor on the planet Earth is looking for

 if that seems very hard or you don’t think you can do it remember that that is what the job is. that is entirely what the job is.

 if you get hired that is what will be asked of you so you must become a master illustrator of all things.

"We all have one person who we can’t get over,
Not really because we love them
And not even because they’re worthy of being a constant in our thoughts.
It’s usually because we saw something in them
That we think could have made us better,
Maybe they could have made us love ourselves more
Or maybe they were just tall enough to block the sun from our eyes
When it’s june 27th, 78 degrees, and the light is brighter than usual.
Sometimes it’s because they’re a poetic tragedy to write about
And sometimes it’s because they could have made our own tragedies poetic.
Whether the reason be that they made us cry and laugh at the same time
Or because they knew how to make our coffee perfectly sweet and which mug we’d like without asking,
We still think about them.
We still wish they hadn’t gone away.
We still think of them as a great possibility that never was.
Whatever the reason is, don’t let it control you.
Don’t let someone else’s memory haunt your own."

My best advice for unrequited feelings
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A swan, as you have never seen photographed before by Gerald Robinson


A swan, as you have never seen photographed before by Gerald Robinson

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sometimes you just need a break from comics.

this would probably be my dream show out of current options.

Hannibal Lecter

Jamie Moriarty


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June Previews is out tomorrow, meaning our entirely-created-for-previews preview advert story will be out in the world.

Bleeding Cool has just ran it.

And now it’s here.

Mention it to the shop if you want more.

June 18th 2014

So there you go.

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by frida vega.

i want a superhero who looks exactly like this guy

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